Please print and mail back to us ASAP to reserve your spot.  We MUST have this form on hand BEFORE you plant. Thank you.

Donelson Community Gardens

2022 Garden Plot - Communal Garden Application


Address ____________________________________

City ___________________________________ Zip Code _______

Telephone _________________________ Email _______________________

Check as appropriate: This is my first garden Senior citizen I have limited mobility. I am applying for a:

4 x 8 individual/family plot___ and/or To be part of the community gardening area _____

I agree to pay a nonrefundable annual fee of $50.00 for the individual/family plot entitling my use the plot assigned to me.   Regular fee $50.00

I further agree that, should I abandon my plot for any reason I shall notify the Donelson Community Gardens board of directors; and that, should my assigned plot become unkempt or unmaintained, I will be granted two (2) weeks notice to clean after which time it may be tilled-in and reassigned.

I agree to a non refundable fee of $15.00 to participate in the community portion of the garden where I will work along side other members of the community to plant, tend and harvest from the communal area of the garden. I agree that I will work at least weekly in this space and only take as much produce as I need for my own consumption during the harvesting season.

I further agree that I will not sell any produce from the Heartland Garden site and that I understand that it is prohibited per the agreement with Metro.

I also agree that I will not use fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides in any space on the Heartland Garden site; and that I shall pick only my own crops in the individual/family area unless otherwise given permission by another plot assignee; and that, I understand that neither Donelson Community Gardens nor the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County are responsible for my actions.

I acknowledge receipt and agree to the terms and conditions of the Donelson Community Gardens ʻFair Use Policyʼ. I also agree and understand that this garden site is in a low lying area and understand the chance for flooding, natural disaster and other events of nature which could occur. Furthermore, I, the undersigned, agree to hold harmless Donelson Community Gardens and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with use of the garden by me or any of my guests.

​I have read the terms of use and agree to adhere to them.  __________( Mandatory for use)

Applicant Signature__________________________________________ Date_____________________________________________

Please return your signed application accompanied by your payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to

Donelson Community Gardens to:

Donelson Community Gardens

PO BOX148861

Nashville, TN 37214

Fees: All assessed usage fees are collected for the purposes of general maintenance of the Donelson Community Gardens, soil amendment, supplies purchase, water and security. Additionally, it allows for the creation and maintenance of garden plots for community benefit for use by low-income households as well as supplementing community meals on wheels, food drive initiatives and youth and adult educational programs

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